How to Run a Successful Gaming Server

Admins are often pretty creative guys, its a drug ;)


1). Get a test server, or make one on the same computer (if it is powerful enough) as the one you use as gaming server.

2). Be available (Ventrilo, Skype, Teamspeak, FB, Mail, Forum, Homepage).

3). People depend on you and if they post in one of the above, be respectful and show them that you actually read the post.

4). Make updates when there is less people on the server.

5). Make sure things work on the server before you go bananas doing other stuff (adding more mods before solving other problems), this will absolutely payoff later.

6). Homepage... well there are several CMS systems for free and most of 'em got chat, shoutbox and so on (php-fusion is just an example, easy to use and user friendly).

7). Pick the right admins if you're not suppose to be online.

And of course give them the right tools to solve their assignement. (doing this the wrong way may cause your server to die).

New admins tend to play with their god status so keep this in mind when choosing people administrating YOUR server.

8). Donating money - People will donate if you are doing the above right.


//D-Bug aka Buggis - 15 years experience (Gaming servers only)

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